Vivian's Lyft Story

Another Lyftastic submission from an LA Lyft passenger! Thanks for sharing, Vivian.

I moved here in 2006 from NYC. I can't believe how expensive it is to take cabs in this city and there is zero public transportation...unless you want to wait a million years for a bus and then transfer 10 times.

On the weekends when I want to go out, typical LA cabs routinely take 45-60 minutes to arrive (after prolonged, obnoxious conversations with dispatch); They refuse to take credit cards, or bully me in to stopping at ATMs; They are unable to figure out navigation devices (forcing me to guide them step-by-step on my iPhone or get charged extra when they keep 'getting lost'); They are just generally unpleasant and rude.

Not so with Lyft... the fare is always reasonable, the drivers professional and the service quick and easy.

Lyft has saved me on numerous occasions and it has kept many of my friends from driving home drunk out of sheer desperation.

Long Live Lyft!



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