If you've been following the Keep LA Lyft Alive blog up to now, you basically know I had a bad cab experience while balancing on my 6" Loubies. (Aw, poor princess you must be thinking, right?) Well, trust me, my love and dedication to Lyft expands well beyond the finer treatment towards my well heeled tootsies.

Now it's time to share the serious stuff. Keep reading.

As I mentioned in my Lyftiversary post, I have been a Lyft passenger for three months. In those three months, I've had two exasperating health situations where Lyft was involved getting me to the immediate care I needed; with ease and comfort. I'll share one of those situations with you now.

During the last week of May, I returned home from one of my business trips and started experiencing severe pain in my left leg. The pain got so intense, I could barely put any pressure on my leg at all. Since moving to LA two years ago, I haven't really had the need to find a general practitioner so I had no idea what to do or where to go. Through google search, I found an urgent care clinic in Beverly Hills that would see me right away. I was home alone and it was a week day; most of my friends were in the middle of their work day and with LA traffic who knows how soon one could get to me anyway.

I scheduled a Lyft.

Within about 8 minutes, Erin arrived at my home to pick me up. Here's an interesting twist, this was Erin's fourth time picking me up. (I LOVE her!) I was just as comfortable with Erin taking me to the urgent care clinic as I would've been had a friend picked me up. We talked about the pain I was experiencing and she was so thoughtful and considerate of my inability to walk normally that she made it a point to get me as close to the urgent care clinic's door as possible. After my visit (and being diagnosed and treated for lateral band syndrome and tendonitis), I scheduled a Lyft home. This time Jamie picked me up and the ride home was just as pleasant as my ride to the clinic. When we arrived to my home, Jamie wished me a fast and speedy recovery. I apologized for having to exit his car so slowly due to my sore leg and he responded very calmly, "take as much time as you need."

I seriously felt like these were my friends helping me through a physically toilsome situation. From Erin making sure I was as close to the clinic door as possible to Jamie wishing me a fast and speedy recovery, I was treated in a way that we should all treat one another; with care and respect.

Many say that the human touch has been lost with the fast, ever-changing growth of technology surrounding our lives, but companies like Lyft are proving the exact opposite. Because of the incident I shared in this post and one other health emergency situation (which I will share another time) where Lyft was involved, I lovingly refer to Lyft every now and then as my Lyftsavers.

Cue Sting's Message in a Bottle...

"...sending out an SOS!"


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