Britt's Lyft Story

Another Lyftactular submission from a happy Lyft passenger! Thank you, Britt!

First of all, I am terrified of cabs. Don't know why but I have had a fear of cabs since I was a kid, so I avoid them at all costs. When I didn't have a ride to the airport, I was stricken with fear that I would have to beckon a cab, scrambling to find a gracious friend. 

Then I remembered Lyft - I've heard nothing but great things and something about the concept doesn't scare me. Maybe its knowing that I will be taken care of by a peer, someone I can connect with and not feel chaperoned by. My Lyft driver arrived quickly, took directions well, wasn't a crazy driver, wasn't seeking out the slowest routes and didn't criticize my last-minute manner (he basically had 30 minutes to get me to Burbank from Hancock Park at the start of rush hour). I felt comfortable and taken care of and loved that I didn't have to scramble for cash or argue over the fare. 

From a girl who will never take a cab anyway.

THANKS LYFT for offering a service for people like me. :]



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