Sarah's Lyft Story

Another Lyftacular story submitted by L.A. passenger, Sarah. Thank you, Sarah!

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a student here in L.A. I moved her over the winter holiday from a small town in Illinois. I'm scared to death to drive in L.A. traffic.  I had a few experiences with cab rides that made me want to cry. A friend told me about Lyft and I fell in love with the service the first time I used it. I couldn't believe how friendly my driver was and how safe I felt.

The best features about Lyft to me is that the drivers are friendly, I always feel safe and they always have cell phone chargers. My phone is always dying and I have a mom hundreds of miles away who worries about me all the time living in a big city like L.A. so when I use Lyft, I can always be reachable. It's also affordable for me as well.

It would make life in L.A. difficult for me if Lyft went away. Please keep Lyft alive!




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