The Chronicles of a Chronic Lyfter

Tonight I scheduled a Lyft home and was picked up by Charan. As usual, a wonderful conversation began and per usual, I quizzed Charan about his history with Lyft. (There's no awkward silences when I'm around. I'm always chatting and extremely inquisitive. And that's probably another reason I get along with Lyft drivers too; THEY are fantastic conversationalists!)  I learned that Charan is one of the original LA Lyft drivers. He's been around since LA's Lyft-off and absolutely LOVES his job as a Lyft driver.

Charan said working for Lyft has allowed him to pursue some of his dreams and the more he Lyfts, the stronger he gets. In fact, he can't stop Lyfting. He's a chronic Lyfter. There's even a video to prove it. Watch below.

Thanks for the Lyft, Charan. You are Lyftastic!


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