My Lyftiversary

Next Wednesday, July 3rd, will mark exactly three months I have been using Lyft in LA. Happy Lyftiversary to meeeee! When I say I use Lyft a lot, I mean, I use Lyft A LOT. I have used Lyft several times in one day on more than one occasion. I'm so thankful I was introduced to Lyft and I tell everyone I can about how much my quality of life has improved since I met the pink mustache.

In honor of my Lyftiversary, I would like to list some of the reasons I am loyal to Lyft and why I want to help keep Lyft alive in LA.

  • Friendly service: You feel as though you are getting a ride from a friend, not a stranger. You are greeted with respect, a smile and a friendly fistbump.
  • Safety: I have always, always felt I was in good hands while riding with a Lyft driver. From my experience, all Lyft drivers have been aware of their surroundings, respectful of other drivers and always looked out for my safety reminding me to buckle up. They don't text or talk on the phone while driving - unlike so many cab drivers I've had!
  • Comfortable and clean: Every Lyft car I have been in has been comfortable, clean and offered extras (water, snacks, phone chargers, music of my choice, etc.)
  • Reliability: I can count on my Lyft drivers to always show up.  You would think this is a given, right? Wrong. I have had cab drivers just simply not show up. 
  • Overall positive experience: Read above. Enough said.
  • The obvious: Duh. It goes without saying, but I'll say it. I love the pink 'stache.

Thank you, Lyft. Thank you for providing me, my family and my friends an alternative to a service that has really gone downhill. You have helped to improve my quality of life and the quality of life for so many others. It would be exceedingly disappointing to lose you in LA. 

Now, let them eat cake.  Pink cake, of course. 


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